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Is Your Realtor Familiar with TE School District Real Estate?

When buying a house you must look at all options and peripherals that could affect your long or short term investment, especially when looking at the TE school district. Too many times people get caught up in the emotional part of home buying and they do not see the entire picture. A good realtor will keep your emotions in mind but will ultimately guide you in the most productive direction.

Buying houses in “hot markets” is even more of an emotional roller coaster and that is because the competition is intense. Buyers are more abundant, realtors are more aggressive and commissions are higher. So not only does your realtor need to be skilled, but he or she also needs vast knowledge of the area and the industry.

Take for example, TE School District and the areas that encompasses it: the School District serves parts of Berwyn, Wayne, Radnor, Paoli, Devon, Malvern and the townships of Tredyffrin and Easttown Township. Also to some extent Daylesford, Strafford, and Chesterbrook. A good Philadelphia area realtor will know these areas and should know certain parts of this area on a more intimate level. From this, your reliable real estate agent should be able to guide you from emotional decisions and instead focus on the best value for your dollar.

Currently the TE School District is hot because of its location, its school district and overall desirability. Make sure your realtor stays current with local trends, new developments, and long term planning. These items might seem like a lot to ask for, but a seasoned professional will not only have common knowledge of these topics, but he or she probably wants to know as much as possible about new happenings in the area. Part time realtors, agents who are “low ball artists”, and over marketed realtors do not usually have the interest or the time for the in-depth analysis that the better agents possess.

In closing, know the housing market or learn the housing market that you want to be in. If you do not have time to learn this, then hire a competent realtor that knows it and has the passion for it. Most people don’t have time to learn everything that is needed to make a good real estate decision, that is why hiring a good agent to guide you through a hot market like the TE School District and its communities is essential. Most “hot markets” still have opportunities, having excellent help with make it more likely that you will have the chance to capitalize on one of these prospects.