Montgomery County Real Estate

Montgomery County Real Estate

Montgomery County real estate easily comes to mind to those thinking of moving to Pennsylvania since there is plenty of employment and economic opportunities. Also known as Montco, the county benefits from it’s location close to the bustling city of Philadelphia since it’s the workplace for many Montgomery County residents. Montco itself is a major hub for employment, with many large business parks: Blue Bell, Fort Washington, Horsham, King of Prussia and Lansdale.

The Montgomery County real estate that benefits most from these employment centers are the properties in its southern townships. These include those in the county seat, Norristown, and in the county’s eponymous Montgomery Township. Both are located just a 5-10 minute drive from the major hubs of employment in the area.

The current residential development of Montgomery County real estate has shifted to its northern and western townships which have a more rural character. The home builders’ recent focus on these Montco areas has mainly occured because of the area’s larger but less expensive tracts of land.

This is not to say though that the southern Montgomery County real estate is losing its sheen in the market. On the contrary, this side of Montco is popular for those in search of affordably priced starter homes, with prices going as low as $140,000 for duplexes and under $100,000 for the older row homes in Norristown.

Besides their attractive prices and their proximity to jobs, these Montgomery County real estate properties are convenient to local amenities, such as schools and shopping centers. The 11-square-mile Montgomery Township, for instance, has its own mall which draws not only local patrons but also shoppers from other parts of the region. Additionally, the taxes of this township’s North Penn School District are reasonable with no increase in the foreseen future. Notably, its high school has already been established, a definite advantage for young families with school-age kids.