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How to Choose a TE School District Real Estate Agent

If you read the next paragraph below, it may seem like “real estate jargon” which it actually is and more. To the untrained professional it might seem like industry talk and sadly to most realtors, it probably does not make much sense either.

The major factors in the activity of all real estate markets is governed by three things: Supply, Demand, and Price. Demand and Supply are casual factors, however price is the result or interaction of the other two items. Or another way to put it – the market factor or price is best described as the result or effect of the other two.
In Tredyffrin-Easttown real estate or TE real estate as so many refer to it, the market is so hot right now that one needs a quality real estate agent to navigate through the maze of “for sales” that are out there. Competition is the main regulating force in a real estate market and the competitiveness of the TE school district is driven by the sheer demand for reasonably priced houses in a very sought after market. Note: sure there are a lot of houses, but how many are at a fair price?

We all know the history, the TE school district ranks in the top tier of any classification, be it state wide or even nationally. The TE school district is a great school district and an even better location, so naturally supply will be low and demand will be high.

Having a realtor that is inexperienced or lacking motivation can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars and worse than that, he or she can put you into a house or situation that is not favorable. Being stuck in a house that you paid too much and been given bad advice about will only set you back from your long term goals. Too many times, even an experienced realtor leads you in the wrong direction for a variety of reasons. It could be the timing (in the life) of that realtor, he or she could have not put the effort into the sale (for one reason or another), or they could have been too busy (always be wary of the overly busy realtor). Name any factor you want, but be sure to get a realtor who wants to work for you and not just someone who is marketing themselves.

In any situation when looking in a certain area of the region, go with the company that has a passion for the locality, the one who knows the terrain (the “ins and outs) and has the motivational experience to guide you through the process. Then in turn, you will get a great investment with the confidence it was the right move.

There are plenty of real estate agents. The reasons you choose someone will vary, most agents that you know are of some type of acquaintance, but you should really focus your choice on the most qualified person for that real estate market. Pennsylvania licensing is statewide, but the real estate market is local by nature. It is one of the first concepts you learn in a real estate class and it is one of the most important. Real estate is local, make sure you hire an agent that is an expert in the locality, like the TE school district, because if you don’t, it could be a decision that you regret, but still have to live in.