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homes for sale in owen j roberts school district

Homes for Sale in Owen J Roberts School District

Homes for sale in Owen J Roberts school district are a must see if you are looking for a good school district, an affordable house, and maybe some land or a decent sized lot. During a house search you probably search for specific attractive features that include, location, amenities, school district, and land. Why not get most of what you want and still have some money left over? Certain features are of greater importance to some and less to others, but compromise is sometimes inevitable, so lessen the compromise with a great school district in a central location.

Southeastern Pennsylvania has its desired neighborhoods, it will be your realtor’s job to know the area, know the neighborhood, and understand what a good value is. This school district, located within northern Chester County real estate and has a student population around 4,800, a tax rate of 26.82 and has 5 elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. Is it really a good value? Read on and find out why this up and coming school district, might just be right for you.

The beginning of your house search should start with a question to your realtor: Can you give a neighborhood analysis of homes for sale in Owen J Roberts School District? You could be surprised when most realtors either do not know how to do this or are reluctant to put in the work to produce relevant information. If this happens, drop the realtor and find a qualified agent. Avoid the neighbor/real estate agent who does it part time or the Aunt that has a license in escrow and get into a real house search that will get you real results.

Now onto more important information; the high school is located in Bucktown, a sleepy, tiny, former farming village that is now beset with the ever impending urban sprawl. But don’t be discouraged there is still room for everyone in this affordable area. The district recently completed a renovated middle school, taxes are fair, and homes prices are affordable. Premium outlets are minute’s away, open land is abundant, golf courses are frequent and you are central to I-76 and Route 422. Disclaimer, 422 traffic is rough, you need to plan accordingly.

In the end market value is substantially affected by the neighborhood in which the house is located, this school district has some great little areas that positively affect values and should keep your investment sound for years. Having a qualified, well informed realtor will help you in your search to find the right price and value that you need. Make sure when you’re searching that you factor in all facets of this area; yes there is affordability, but are you willing to compromise if needed. We stated that we love the location and the area around it, but if you’re moving from an urban area with more of everything, make sure you are prepared for the change. We feel this area is up and coming and will be of greater value in the near future, but it also has to be right for you at this time.

In the end, we love the rural feel of the area, we can live with the strip mall planning that is inevitable, but we can only give suggestions, you will have to consult with your qualified realtor to get a fair assessment of the pros and cons but overall you can’t go wrong by looking at homes for sale in Owen J Roberts school district.