Center City Real Estate

Center City Real Estate

Showing interest in Center City real estate property means leveling up to the highly urbanized and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Having an estimated population of close to 200,000, this prized Philadelphia area has grown into the second most populous downtown in the U.S., second only to New York City’s Midtown Manhattan.

Center City real estate embraces the central business district which is home to some of the world’s tallest buildings, such as Comcast Center and One Liberty Place. It also hosts the headquarters of many top international companies, such as the multinational oil company Sunoco and the American worldwide health services organization Cigna.

The names of some of the neighborhoods and districts in Center City already are descriptive of their distinct character which evokes the charming lifestyle each has to offer including Rittenhouse Square, Society Hill, Old City, Logan Square and Washington Square West to name a few.

Deftly laid out in an area just a little over 2 square miles, the entire Center City real estate domain is a tapestry of walkable communities with convenient access to public transit. Choices of homes in the city’s vibrant neighborhoods range from residences in vintage brick townhouses to options on cozy urban lofts and glamorous high-rise condos.

Singles looking for a Center City real estate option at the chic Avenue of the Arts can find attractive studios with floor areas of 320 square feet priced starting in the low $100,000s. Understandably, the price quotes in this district rise to the $200,000‒$1 million range for two- or three-bedroom single family or townhouses with floor plans of 960 up to 2,100+ square feet.

The Museum area nearby is a great pick for home hunters who want a family-oriented neighborhood. The available residences here are quintessential of the Center City real estate offerings: large brownstones of single and multi-units, traditional row homes, multifamily dwellings, and high-rise condo units. Their median price hovers around the low $300,000s, which compares with the current $190,000 city average.